Le Charme Caché
Lakeside holidays Dordogne
The Lakes & Fishing



The lakes are well stocked with mainly carp, but we also have grass carp, roach, perch ,bream,tench, trout, and pumkinseed. The carp are mostly wild carp with a few mirrors as well, although we have seen quite a few wild-mirror hybrids which are really beautiful looking fish. We do not charge to fish our lakes, however, we do expect guests to adhere to our fishing rules (see below).  So far, we have caught carp up to 37lbs with the record being broken in 2019. The carp seem to average around 10-12lbs and are very hard fighting fish, which will provide good sport throughout your stay. The carp have been growing well over the time we have been here and we now have some good 20s and we welcome you to try and beat our record! We have moved most of the smaller carp (2-5 lbs)  to the bottom lake, so that the top lake will be more of a specimen lake and the lower lake will be for sport/match fishermen.

In 2019 we have added a few bigger fish to the lake including a 37lb mirror carp.


We have a few spare rods & landing net that you can borrow at no extra charge, but you will need to bring your own tackle & reels. There is a dinghy if you wish to use it. The lakes are around 6 feet deep in the middle so children must be supervised at all times.

Our Lakes’ Code of Conduct:
a) 3 Rods per angler, to a maximum of 6 rods per group. Rods must be attended at all times.
b)  Unhooking mats must be used and are provided by us Free of Charge.
c) Barbless Hooks only.

d) minimum of 8lbs breaking strength line must be used
e) All rigs accepted except fixed.
f) All bait approved with the exception of nuts and particles.
g) Catch and release policy.
h) No Fires.
i) Swims to be kept free of litter.
j) Lakeside vegetation and trees should not be damaged. Should any damage occur to vegetation, wild life, and property, however caused, it must be reported immediately to us.

k) The client is responsible, for the safety, supervision and conduct of the children, animals, and adults in their party.  This includes ensuring that children, animals and all party members have the safety equipment they need and do not suffer harm.